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Diagnostic Care

Without the ability to communicate, diagnosing pets becomes increasingly challenging and equally important. Pine Bluff Animal Hospital is home to advanced diagnostic equipment and technology, as well as highly-trained and passionate professionals, to best treat your cherished companion.

In-House Laboratory

Pets tend to be skilled in hiding illness and discomfort. Many times, conditions are internal and left unseen without the assistance of diagnostic work. Our facility is home to an in-house lab capable of analyzing fecal exams, urinalysis, skin scrapings, various bloodwork, and more!

Pain Management

We never want our furry friends to be in pain! We are focused on reducing or eliminating any and all pain your pet is feeling. We rigorously monitor and manage pain before, during, and after any procedure to keep your pet as comfortable and pain-free as possible. Physical pain can actually effect your pet’s mental wellbeing, making pain management even more monumental.

It is easy for pain and discomfort to go unnoticed simply because your pet cannot tell you what hurts. At Pine Bluff Animal Hospital, we believe in the power of educating pet owners about signs and symptoms of pain to encourage preventative care. The sooner a problem is addressed, the sooner your pet will feel better.

Digital X-Ray

X-rays are an absolutely invaluable tool to assess what is going on inside. Our radiology technology and services are safe, pain-free, and completely non-invasive! Our veterinarians and technicians can instantly view and determine diagnostic information from a single, high-quality image.

Radiology allows us to identify heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, intestinal blockages, bladder stones, broken bones, spinal cord diseases, chronic arthritis, cancer, and many more conditions.


Our pets can suffer the same heart problems as us! As pets age, it is especially important to monitor and test for heart abnormalities. If your pet exhibits symptoms such as coughing, labored breathing, lethargy, and weakness, there may be an underlying, serious heart condition.

To enable pets to live longer and healthier lives, we use an electrocardiogram (EKG) to check heart health and performance by monitoring rhythms and electrical impulses, as well as measuring the size and position of the heart chambers. This essential technological tool is fast, non-invasive, and does not require anesthetics! Our trained medical professionals will gently lay your pet on their side while electrodes are placed on specific regions of the body. Within minutes, we will have results to review with you! The sooner we detect heart health concerns, the greater chance for successful treatment!

Certified PennHip Provider

Pine Bluff Animal Hospital is proud to be a certified PennHip provider. This advanced and multi-faceted radiographic technique is simple, non-invasive, and can screen dogs for hip looseness as young as 4 months old! Early identification allows for early treatment and therapy to reduce a canine’s risk for osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease. 

After screening, if it is determined that your dog is susceptible to developing hip dysplasia, we are happy to discuss options with you to ensure your loving companion remains healthy and active for years to come.

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