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Full Service Vet Clinic

Our full-service hospital is home to advanced technology and modern amenities. Whether your pet needs emergency care or is simply visiting for a wellness exam, our doctors are experienced in a wide-range of conditions and treatments. Beyond first-rate pet care, comfort is a top priority and we strive to create a welcoming and calming atmosphere for your pet. We want your beloved companion to feel at home!

Preventative Care

The simple truth is that your pet ages much faster than you do! For this reason, wellness visits are crucial to your pet’s health and happiness. Routine wellness care is preventative and safeguards your pet from threatening conditions by monitoring health trends and diagnosing abnormalities earlier, therefore beginning treatment sooner and regaining health faster!

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Diagnostic Care

Without the ability to communicate, diagnosing pets becomes increasingly challenging and equally important. Pine Bluff Animal Hospital is home to advanced diagnostic equipment and technology, as well as highly-trained and passionate professionals, to best treat your cherished companion.

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Veterinary Pet Surgery

At Pine Bluff Animal Hospital, we perform general and specialized surgical procedures. Our trained veterinarians and technicians closely monitor anesthesia and cardiovascular functioning at all times—from pre-surgical procedure until your pet is alert in recovery. To further enhance safety, we perform an exam and pre-surgical bloodwork to determine what is best for your pet.

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Pet Dental Services

Dental health effects overall health. At Pine Bluff Animal Hospital, we recommend annual or semi-annual exams and cleanings to keep your pet’s mouth hygienic and free of harmful bacteria that may spread to other vital bodily organs.

Symptoms of dental disease include: bad breath, excessive drooling, difficulty chewing, plaque on the teeth or near the gum line, decreased appetite, teeth chattering, weight loss, sneezing and nasal discharge, and irritability.

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Chiropractic Care

At Pine Bluff Animal Hospital, we are thrilled to offer Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy (VSMT, also referred to as chiropractic care) to our patients. A non-invasive treatment option, the goal of Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy is to restore normal mobility to joints, relieve joint pain, reduce inflammation, and stimulate positive nerve input to the brain.

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Pine Bluff Animal Hospital works closely with Great Dane breeders, handlers and rescue organizations, providing a unique opportunity to treat a great deal of torsion cases as well as perform a large number of preventive gastropexy procedures. Dr. Brian Schmidt is highly experienced in laparoscopically assisted gastropexy, a minimally invasive technique to prevent torsion in at-risk breeds. Lucky for you, his expertise is not far from home!

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Internal Medicine

Our pet care goes beyond vaccinations and examinations, and veterinary medicine has caught up with human medicine in terms of technology and diagnosis capability. As part of our full range of services, we can diagnose and treat pets that are suffering from dermatological or allergy issues.

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Puppy & Kitten Care

Introducing a new puppy or kitten to your life is exciting and it is essential to begin your new fur baby’s life with optimal health and happiness in mind. While puppies and kittens are cute and fun, they also require a lot of extra care during those early and critical years of life. We want to give your new family member the very best start in life by offering specialized examinations, vaccinations, and diagnostics. We will also discuss services such as spay-neuter and microchipping to benefit your new pet.

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Senior Pet Care

At Pine Bluff Animal Hospital, we want your pet to live their golden years healthily, actively, and happily. To make this happen, senior pets require specialized care tailored to old age.

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